Parris Hope


Aphrodite, (mother)

Unknown Father


Nico: Kissed, Good Friend

Rocket: Crush, Boyfriend, Best friend

Alice: Best Friends

Percy: Good friend

Romeo: Dated, Enemies

Peter: small crush, friend

Edmund: Frenimies




Monster Slayer

DJ, rapper, singer


Gender: Female

Height: 5"5

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Depends, mostly black

Parris Hope is a main character in Dimensionsv1 (version 1) She is an OC, (own character) therefore, not from anything.

Backround LifeEdit

Parris was born in Hades's domain, and was raised from the flames. Her entire childhood was near London, in a big mansion in the middle of nowhere, living all alone. However, she befriended Rocket Taylor, who she developed romantic feelings eventually. About four years later, she moved from England to New York, where she was revealed she was a half-blood, mother Aphrodite.

She was created to destroy the world, and her elemental power is fire. That is a secret Parris must keep deathly secret. However, she lives longer than the average person, living hundreds of years ago in a place call Un-Paradise, where she fell in love with Romeo, the one from Romeo and Juliet, but he then dumped her very tragically, and started on a quest to destroy love and people. From there, the two were enemies.


Parris is a very headstrong person, and very serious, to the point where she is no fun and no one likes her. However, she could be very fun and light and bubbly, if she puts her mind to it. She gets things out of fear, but that act is getting so old, no one listens to it. Parris is very determined, and doesn't give up.


Parris is a shape-shifter, so she can take on any appearence she wants to. Most of the time, Parris's hair is sleek and black, and it goes down to her waist. It's naturally blond. She keeps it in a braid over her shoulder to keep it in place. Her eyes are icy blue, or sometimes black if she gets very angry. Her skin is pale, and is 5"5.

Parris's style is rather Goth, so she dresses in black a lot. However, at dances and balls, she wears pastels.

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