Rocket Taylor


Zeus, (dad)

Emily Taylor (mother)


Parris: In love with, relationship, good friends

Nico: Best Friend

Alice: Friendish

Percy: Good friends






Gender: Male

Height: 5"10

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Rocket Taylor is a character in Dimensionsv1, who plays an important role in the Storyline. Like Parris, he is merely created, not from any story or show ect..

Backround InformationEdit

Rocket lived in England for most of his life. When Parris moved to her mansion, he immediately befriended her, starting a good, solid, friendship. After living in England for a long time, (four years for Parris) Rocket and Parris moved to New York to go to Camp Half-Blood, where they met Percy, Nico, and eventually Alice. There he learned that he was a son of Zeus, and how his mother Emily fell in love with him, and how Zeus had to leave. After that, Rocket never really liked Zeus. One day, he was trapped in an electric power plant, and something went wrong, and he got electrocuted. So badly in fact, static electricity surrounded him everywhere, and he had the electric powers. For example, if he put one toe in a swimming pool, he would electrocute everyone in it. As a result of his electric powers, his hair sticks up everywhere.


Rocket's personality is rather cheerful, and easily embarresed. He doesn't get freaked out often, and he is very smart, but doesn't brag about it.He's no good with weapons, but prefers to use his electric powers and attack from afar.


Rocket has extremely messy black hair, courtesy of his powers, and his eyes are electric blue, probably his most attractive feature. He is 5"10, and his skin is inbetween tan and pale. He is a very handsome guy, and is liked by quite a few girls.

Rocket's style is very simple, just wearing whatever he finds in the closet.

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