This is the storyline of Dimensionsv1.


Chapter 1 (Camp Half-Blood)Edit



Parris, Nico, Rocket and Percy are all talking about an unknown book series with Rocket and Parris smiling at each other, when a giant portal appears in the ground, sending everyone in a panic. From the portal emerges a half of a house, hitting the strawberry fields, then a huge, creepy clown head, then a girl, who's falling backfirst, in super slow motion, in order to catch up with time. Then, she falls faster and faster, and lands right on top of Percy.

The girl gets up, and kicks Percy, who is still on the ground. She then realizes where she is, and stares up at the sun in astonishment. She stands breatless for a few minutes, until Parris steps forward and tells the girl to come with her, since Parris knows that the girl is not from around there. However, the girl backfires, and starts shooting rude remarks to Parris, about how no one bosses her around. Then the girl decides to follow Parris.

At Parris's cabin, the girl introduces herself as Alice. Alice asks where she is, and Parris replies Camp Half-Blood, which is on Earth. Alice seems genuienly confused, and tells her story.

Steampunk city


Alice was from an eternal, dark, prison with monsters called Chains. She says it's called the Abyss, and she's been there as long as she can remember, and then proceeds to tell Parris about the horrifying things there. Parris says that probably isn't in Earth, and Alice loses focus for a second, and remembers a place called Reinsworth. Alice then tells Parris about how she has no memories excep for her name, and she is trying to recover them. After that, Alice starts asking about practically everything, and Parris gets really annoyed. She asks Alice if she could leave her alone, which makes Alice get very mad, and turns into a giant black rabbit. Parris calms Alice down, and Alice leaves Parris alone.

When resuming her conversation with Rocket, Percy, and Nico, Alice pops out of nowhere, and starts eavesdropping on them for ten minutes until Nico sees Alice.

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